Scenec Landscape Research Team

The Scenic Landscape Research Team of the Civil Engineering Research Institute for Cold Region (CERI) provides various manuals, as PDF files, that are the results of our research.



A Guide of Michi-no-EkI -Establishments, Operations, Functions, roles and Effects-

Handbook on "Michi-no-Eki" for International cooperation

Manual sobre "Michi-no-Eki" para Cooperación Internacional


"Michi-no-Eki" was born in 1993 in Japan. Local vitalization effects of Michi-no-Eki are huge, and now, they are being adopted in ten or more nations around the world. (2018)


"Michi-no-Eki" nació en 1993 en Japón. Tiene un impacto importante en el desarrollo económico local, tanto es así que es un modelo difundido en más de diez países del mundo. (2018)


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A Guide to Color Examination for Road Facilities for Hokkaido and Other Cold, Snowy Regions
Color "Point Book" of Hokkaido

Guidelines for Road Auxiliary Facilities That Consider Landscape, published by the MLIT in October 2017, presented colors desirable for road auxiliary facilities. Hokkaido is a snowy area, and the road environment in terms of color in winter greatly differs from those in the southern areas without snow on Honshu and elsewhere in Japan. CERI used experiments to confirm that it is necessary to select different colors for road facilities from those specified in the national standards.

This book was compiled to show how the colors for road facilities should be appropriately used in Hokkaido's characteristic cold, snowy road environment. In compiling this book, examinations were performed through experiments using human test subjects and knowledgeable professionals were interviewed; cases of color use for road auxiliary facilities such as those of bridges that received the design award of the Japan Society of Civil Engineers were surveyed, as were color guidelines for civil engineering infrastructure overseas.


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Color "Point Book" of Hokkaido




The "Point Book" series for utility line undergrounding
Points for Selecting Undergrounding Methods and Construction Methods (Tentative) Version 1.0

In promoting the undergrounding of utility lines, a manual that explains how utility lines are undergrounded in a common duct system has been available; however, this manual does not explain the planning for utility line undergrounding nor development methods. This "point book" has flow diagrams that are used for determining construction and development methods. Based on the fact that the construction methods and development methods have not been discussed separately before, the methods in this "point book" are divided into two categories: construction methods, and development methods. The "point book" has an overview section, a characteristics section, and a construction costs section, which discusses the two categories separately.

We expect that by using this book as a guide to utility line undergrounding, diverse development methods and low-cost methods will be used widely and that the promotion of such undergrounding will be advanced further.

Points for Selecting Undergrounding Methods and Construction Methods (Tentative)  Version 1.0





Roadside Landscape Design in Hokkaido (Tentative), 4th edition
Basic concept for planning, design, construction, maintenance and management in cold, snowy areas

So that national highways in Hokkaido can be developed in harmony with the local natural environment, history, and culture, and so that such highways can be handed down to the next generation as an asset of every Japanese, this book describes a basic philosophy, practical rules, and examples of road and roadside landscape development. The 4th edition was compiled based on the various rules and knowledge found in earlier editions, including the Road Design Guideline (Tentative) (revised in October 2017).


Roadside Landscape Design in Hokkaido (Tentative), 4th edition





Hokkaido Roadscape Checklist, revised edition
Landscape improvement measures for planning, design, construction, and maintenance and management

This book describes practical technologies for landscape improvement usable at the planning stage of a road project and at the maintenance and management stage of existing roads. This book was published as a practical guide that evolved from the Roadside Landscape Design in Hokkaido (Tentative), which was published in April 2010 and explained the philosophy and other items related to roadscapes.

Because Roadside Landscape Design in Hokkaido (Tentative) was revised in March 2019, and based on the results of various other types of new research, this book was compiled as a revised edition with partly updated and added contents.

The improvement methods described in this book are based on related standards and guidelines. Many of the measures described in this book are relatively easy to employ. Please use the book in your contribution to the improvement of road landscapes in Hokkaido and the promotion of local economy through quality improvements to road spaces.

Hokkaido Roadscape Checklist, revised edition




Technical Document on Road Greening in Hokkaido (Tentative)

This book is a technical reference for onsite engineers involved in road greening in Hokkaido.

Road greening technologies for Hokkaido were comprehensively complied in the Guideline for Road Greening in Hokkaido (tentative) (supervised by the Road Planning Division, Construction Department, Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau, 1987). The guidelines have been in use since then. As more than 20 years have passed since the first publication, some of the guidelines have become obsolete and inapplicable to current roads. We have supplemented explanations to some items that were able to be immediately addressed.

The main items supplemented in this book are the characteristics of basic tree species of Hokkaido, methods for selecting tree species, and methods for introducing new species of trees. The planting design, planting works, and maintenance and management methods were revised to apply to current conditions.

Technical Document on Road Greening in Hokkaido (Tentative)





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